CRAIC is a Gaelic word and it describes a fun, warm and familiar atmosphere.

In Ireland, people say "There is the craic" to describe those good characters of Irish pubs.


The Craic in Takamatsu opened on September 24, Arthur Guinness's birthday,

in 2010 and has been an authentic Irish pub since then. It is a place where the young,

the old, the local and the global meet and have fun.


We are proud to serve the REAL GUINNESS Draught just like in Dublin.

Don’t forget to try the pub's most popular meal "Takamatsu Bay's Fish & Chips"

using fresh fish of the day from Takamatsu bay.


Small children are welcome to the Kid’s play area in the dining hall. (Children can stay till 21:00.)


Let our English-speaking staff help you when you need any assistance.

We all look forward to meeting you at The Craic!